By-Laws & Transport

Our Booster By-Laws are in direct compliance with the Archdiocese Charter.

Transportation laws and policies are the same laws, policies, and guidelines that govern other Archdiocesan programs, schools, and ministries such are our Booster Athletic Program.

Transporting a team -

In a vehicle, all passengers must wear a seat belt, with no more than one passenger per seat belt.

No 15-passenger vans are permitted per the recommendation of the USCCB.

There must be at least two adults in every vehicle that transports children to/from sporting events which includes practice.  *Only exception for this situation would be a caravan of vehicles going directly from point A to point  B with no stops in between.

Athletes must be directly transported to their destination, or make only previously planned stops (e.g. gas, food, etc).  *If an emergency stop must be made, all reasonable efforts must be made to ensure that two adults are present (e.g. calling another car in the caravan to pull over as well).

Athletes must never be transported without written permissio from the child's parent or guardian.

Volunteers must avoid unnecessary physical contact with athletes while in the vehicle.