The golf program is available to boys and girls in grades 5-8.

The goals for our program are for the students to have fun, learn how to play golf, and enjoy some friendly competition.

Golf activities will begin in early August and end mid October. A complete schedule will be available soon.

Golf Activities
All players will receive golf instruction and playing opportunities. Topics for instruction will include techniques for full swings and the short game as well as proper golf etiquette.


Since we do not intend to turn any golfers away, our program will be divided into two teams, Red (recreational team) and Black (competitive team).

Program Coordinators:
Guillermo Villa - 915-276-8294
Diana Villa

Red Team
The Red Team will be for less experienced players, or those interested in making less of a time commitment. This team will be divided into four-six player teams that will compete against each other (like an intramural league). All of the matches will be held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays after school begins. Match starting times will typically be between 4:00-5:30 at Little Miami Golf Center's Par 3 Course.

Black Team
The Black Team will be for players more interested in competition. The team will compete against other middle schools at a variety of local golf courses. Practices, matches, or tournaments will be held two-three days per week and the days will vary. This team will have a maximum of nine players. Since only six may compete in a match, some of the players will have to sit out each match. However, everyone will play in some matches. The Head Coach will have the final say in which players compete in a match or tournament. NOTE: Only players in grades 6-8 will be eligible for the Black Team.

The Instructor will be Dennis Wells, a PGA Master Professional and the Head Golf Professional at Little Miami Golf Center. Additional assistant coaches are to be determined.