Coaching Information

Coach Selection Process:

All Coaches are nominated then voted in by our St. Columban Booster Board prior to athletic teams being assigned.  The Sport Coordinator will notify a Coach of his/her acceptance.
*REMINDER - Coaching is a privlege NOT a right.

Coach Qualifications:

All Coaches must:be Virtus Trained and have a cleared background check through,
take the State of Ohio Concucussion Course, and possess the values set forth in our Booster Handbook.If you do NOT have a VIRTUS account, you will need to create one at to create an account and regsiter for a VIRTUS session.  If you already have a VIRTUS account, please log into your account at , and click on the "Toolbox" tab and then the "Background Check" link.

All Coaches must also complete the NFHS Coaches Course for Concussion found at .  We also recommend that all coaches have their parents also take the free concussion course for parents so that are educated on concussions.  Many people think a concussion only occurs when you take a blow to the head.  That is not true.  A concussion is the result from a jolting blow to any part of the body that has a enough force to cause the brain to shift in the skull.  Education on this injury is very important for our athletes.

Coach Review Process:

End of Season Surveys will be completed on every Coach to determine if that Coach should be allowed to return to Coach in our program.  Coaches will be informed immediately if they had any negative reviews.  The St. Columban Booster Board will review surveys and determine the course of action for those surveys that yield a negative response.

*Note - In appropriate conduct will be addressed immediately as it occurs.  A coach may be suspended or removed while in season if infactrion warrants it.  The Booster Board will NOT tolerate an individual who has no regard for the rules set forth.

Coach Tools:

The reimbursement form, booster handbook, and other pertinent pieces of information can be found under the "DOWNLOADS" section on the home page.