To be eligible for a parish team a player must be a registered member of St. Columban and attend St. Columban School or actively participate in the St. Columban ERE program or any ERE program that is approved by Father Larry Tensi. 

The residence of a player shall be deemed to be that of his/her parent or legal guardian. If you are a student of St. Columban School, proper academic and behavior standards must be maintained to be eligible for sports. The policy on eligibility is outlined in the Parent-Student Handbook. 

Academic and disciplinary policies have been defined by the School administration, Education Commission, and Booster Organization. A player can play on only one GCCYS team in the same sport and only one Booster sponsored team per sport. 

If a youth moves from one parish to another during the course of the school year, he/she may finish the athletic year with the original parish or may transfer to the new parish’s team at the time of the move. However, he/she must play with the new parish during the next school year.