Cheerleading & Dance

Cheerleading & Competition Dance Team

Saint Columban’s cheerleading program is comprised of students from grades 3-8. In addition to promoting school spirit and supporting St. Columban’s athletic programs, our programs are designed with the objective to prepare highly motivated students for participation in cheerleading programs at the high school level. Participants work hard and have a lot of fun in the process.

The cheerleading season takes place during the football season, practices begin in August and run through November. Cheerleading squads practice 1 day/week with an occassional 2nd practice day at coaches discretion.  This year, we will focus on tumbling skills and promoting flexibility and strength.

There are no tryouts to participate in St. Columban’s cheerleading program, just a willingness to learn and work hard. We welcome all skill levels to cheer and promote school spirit and pride!

2016-2017 Program Coordinators

Laura Keller, Co-Coordinator                               Nikole Ballard, Co-Coordinator                                              

Cell 513-348-4512                                                 Cell 513-439-8218       


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